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Art For Sale

Art For Sale

My Art For Sale 

All images can be gicle to any size you wish.These will be 100% faithful to originals I will sign,and date them with edition. Also paintings can be gicled also which makes them affordable depending on your Budget

I would like to thank all the people who have supported me over the years!!! Patrons who

have bought work. Other artists who have given me advice,and Technical help. Also John  MacDonald productions.  who helped me to set this website up,and Olie at PC World as i would never of been  able to do this myself!! I would like you to take your time when you look at the artwork rendered!!!!  There are only a few of the paintings on the site. There are also many sketch-books, these have been carried around over 30 years !!! These are quite personnel in content. They contain a lot of strongly worked out drawing,some related to painting. Others unique in their own right. There are also many images of Crouch-End which is my home town!!! These books also carry Self help writings.The Reason for carrying on as an artist ? technical problems,and quest for what to strive for as an Artist!!! Aesthetic and Integral. Also some Poetry!! What we end up with is the original the Copy,and the fake.  Most of the work is done through observation,dreams, Reality,and fiction. All images come from somewhere. At first we are looking at a blank page,or canvas. We have to create something out of nothing. A visual experience of colour,and content. A composition.If you can appreciate the content,and have an eye for whats in front of you,it needs no explanatory text. As an artist i always try to seek the truth,and meaning of what is in front of me. There are motifs. These come up in several the works to create a theme. I hope you find these images sympathetic,and helpful,and can appreciate where i am coming from????


The Tree of aspiration

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  1. David Gee April 28, 2019 at 9:21 am #

    Hi David,

    I love these pictures do you have any others for sale?


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